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Redbrick is an up-and-coming band that delivers original stripped-down, funk, soul, and rock & roll. Although hailing from Toronto, Ontario, this band draws influences from near and far. With members having roots all over Canada and Europe, Redbrick borrows from a wide range of genres and cultures. Drawing from funk, Motown, jazz, and even prog-rock, this band emits powerful, eclectic grooves – as well as a few playful re-imaginings of well-known covers. With their unique brand of thoughtfully crafted music and their infectious live show, Redbrick is an entertaining and exciting band with a lot to offer.

Keep an eye out for Redbrick, as they have an ever-growing gig schedule and fan-base. Redbrick’s initial recording engagement, the Facing East session is free for download (below), and they are gearing up to record a full-length album in early 2015. Get ready!
Redbrick is:
Sandra Bouza – vocals
Evan Desaulnier – guitar
Attila Baraczka – bass
Shawn Killaly – drums & antics

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“If ever you find yourself searching for music to somehow soothe your mind yet still shake your booty, look no further than Redbrick. This stripped-down, deep soul outfit will take you there.”


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